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Harness the power of Twitter for your acting career

What do Lena Dunham, Ricky Gervais, Kerry Washington, Ashton Kutcher, Stephen Colbert and Krysten Ritter have in common?

They’re all on Twitter.


Technology has leveled the playing field in the entertainment industry.  Actors have more access than ever to industry professionals.

Thanks to Twitter, the people you want to collaborate with most, from directors and producers, to writers and editors, are literally just a click away.

Pretty cool.

Unless you don’t use Twitter properly.

Are you making a bad impression on Twitter without knowing it?

Most people, especially actors, are using Twitter ALL WRONG.  The number of actors on Twitter leaving a bad impression is too great to count!

There are a host of common mistakes actors make on Twitter that no one is telling them about.  The trouble is, once you’ve made a bad impression on social media, it’s hard to undo the damage.

It’s heartbreaking to watch people put their foot in their mouth on Twitter.  It could so easily be avoided if they simply knew what they were doing.

Which is exactly why we are so excited to unveil our brand new program.

Introducing Actors Tweet

Actors Tweet was created by Actress and Marketing Coach Emily Grace and Twitter Marketing Specialist Keith Keller.

This digital program will teach you exactly what you need to know to harness the power of Twitter for your acting career.

We will show you how to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Focusing on your number of followers (this is NOT what you should be focusing on at all)
  • Annoying people with your tweets
  • Bashing people over the head with your stuff
  • Ignoring common tweet-iquette
  • Consuming content without contributing
  • Making it all about you

Twitter is FREE.  But if you don’t know how to use it properly you are throwing away priceless opportunities.

Stop wasting time on social media

Twitter can be such a time suck.  Especially if you have no strategy for using it effectively.  “I’ll just check my Twitter account real quick” suddenly turns into 3 hours of clicking links, reading articles, watching videos and e-stalking your exes.

This course will teach you how to maximize your time on Twitter with just 30 minutes of effort a day (or less).

Time is a precious commodity.  It is the one resource in your life that you can’t get more of!  We don’t want to waste your time teaching you a bunch of stuff you don’t really need to know.

That’s why we deliver the most essential Twitter must-do’s in short, easy to implement videos.  Whether you are a complete newbie or you’re looking for advanced hashtag strategies, you can skip to the content you most need to learn without slogging through a bunch of stuff you don’t.

We’ve done all the hard work, the trial and error, the testing and tracking to find out what works, so you don’t have to!

Go beyond casting directors and agents

Yes, casting directors and agents are one way to get your foot in the door.  And many of them are using Twitter.

But there are so many other people to connect with.  It’s time to go beyond the obvious industry professionals and get creative with your relationships.

In addition to Casting Directors and Representation, you know who else is on Twitter?

  • Producers
  • Web Series Creators
  • Make Up Artists
  • Journalists
  • Photographers
  • Film Composers
  • Indie Filmmakers
  • Your future fans
  • Your future investors

And a lot more industry professionals you might want to connect with.

People at every level of success and visibility are using Twitter.  If they are on it, you can connect with them!

Twitter is NOT Facebook

twitternotequalfacebookWe’ll show you the vast difference between these social media platforms and how to work that difference to your advantage.

Many entertainment industry folks have locked down their Facebook accounts with privacy settings up the wazoo in order to protect their personal life.   More power to them!

twitter-follow-meOn the other hand, Twitter is a far more public platform.  If people are on it, they typically want to be found.  Twitter users actively choose to engage in a public way.

We will show you why this is good news for YOU.

Who we are

We are Actress and Actor Marketing Coach Emily Grace and Twitter Marketing Specialist Keith Keller

Emily Grace


I am an award winning actress, a content creator and a marketing coach.  I’ve studied everything I could get my hands on to learn about direct marketing strategies from copy writing to social media to email campaigns and beyond.

I had been using Twitter as a tool to build my entrepreneurial business as well as to build my entertainment industry relationships. I’d done trial and error, taken classes, and consulted experts.

I thought I knew it all. Then I met Keith, and realized so much more was possible!


 Keith Keller


Kred-BadgeCheers from Down Under!  Twitter is an amazing tool for Actors and this series of videos is specifically designed just for you.

“You are already awesome.  My job is to make you world famous”

I am an Australia-based Twitter Marketing Specialist and I just love helping creative people all over the world “Crack the Twitter Code” to build their brands and their careers.

I am proud to say that I am now considered to be in the “Top 1% of Twitter influencers In the World” according to (VERY COOL)

Do I REALLY need Twitter?

We live in a digital world. Original content for web-only distribution sites like Hulu is becoming more and more popular.  High profile stars like Kerry Washington and Krysten Ritter have put aside time to live-tweet fans while their shows air.

Social media is not going away.  So if you are ignoring it, you will get left behind.

In the words of Social Media Pioneer, Marketing Expert and Best Selling author Gary Vaynerchuk,

“If people truly don’t understand the value of social media…they clearly are not paying attention to the human race [or] the current state of our world.” -Gary Vee

Emily had the opportunity to interview Gary Vaynerchuk (who has nearly 1 million Twitter followers) and ask him for specific tips for actors using social media (see the full interview here).

Want to know how this interview came to be?  I hope you already know what we’re going to say.

It was all made possible by Twitter.

Twitter is NOT user friendly

If you are new to Twitter, it is not a very user-friendly place.  It is tough to figure out all the tweet-iquette by trial and error.  It’s not something that is stated outright, but there are definitely rules in play.

Not to worry, because Keith and Emily can help you with that!

It’s not about YOU

If you are an actor who feels “icky” or grossed out about marketing, you will love this program.  So many times actors are plain uncomfortable talking about themselves.

We’ll show you how to change your point of view from tooting your own horn all the time (a lot of pressure and a big turn off), to authentically connecting with people by sharing value.

What exactly is Actors Tweet 

Actors Tweet is a multi-part video series that teaches you everything you need to know to master Twitter in record time.  You can learn the essential must-do’s quickly and start using Twitter right away.

You will learn about Twitter from beginning to advanced strategies:

Part 1: The Basics

This module will cover the Twitter basics including:

  • What is Twitter
  • Why do you need it?
  • How do you use it?
  • How can you stand out?
  • Twitter in 5 easy steps

Part 2: Using Twitter

This module will cover the simple Twitter strategies like:

  • The biggest Twitter questions everyone wants to know
  • How do you get more followers?
  • Why quality is better than quantity when it comes to your followers
  • Where to find entertainment industry professionals on Twitter
  • How can you put this powerful tool to work for you?
  • Our fool-proof formula for successful tweeting (never again will you suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome).

Part 3: Going Deeper

We’ll show you intermediate Twitter tools like:

  • Branding your tweets and yourself on twitter
  • How to create a consistent presence without wasting all day on Twitter
  • Making the most of those 140 characters

Part 4: Advanced Strategies

Ready to knock it out of the park? These tools will show you how.

  • Hashtags explained – what they are and how to use them to your advantage
  • Power words – and how they can up your ability to cut through the noise
  • Commonly used actor hashtags

Part 5: Bringing It All Together

We’ll show you intermediate Twitter tools like:

  • Simple tools to put these strategies to work for you
  • Twitter time management – get the most done in the least amount of time
  • Using twitter as a listening tool
  • Your long term plan

Cut To The Chase

We know you’re a busy actor with a hectic schedule.  That’s why we don’t want to waste you’re time.  Go straight to the content you need on your time, at your own pace.

No wading through a bunch of useless information to get to the real stuff.  We zero in on the best of the best Twitter information so you can start tweeting your way to acting success in no time.

Who this program is for

Actors Tweet is for you if you know you need to be using Twitter for your acting career but you aren’t sure how.  Or you are already using Twitter and know there is a better way.

Plus you meet the following:

  • You are not afraid of technology
  • You are willing put yourself out there on social media
  • You’re not really sure what social media is all about but you are willing to learn
  • You are forward thinking
  • You are a dedicated and hardworking actor
  • You realize that you are running your own career
  • You understand the importance of marketing your own career
  • You take action quickly and persistently
  • You want to participate and contribute to a community of fellow actors with the goal of helping each other

Who this program is NOT for

This program is not for everyone.  We want to do our best to help you make an informed decision.  This program is not for you if:

  • You think Twitter is dumb and you aren’t open to feeling otherwise
  • You want to be convinced that you need social media
  • You are lazy
  • Your only goal is to be famous
  • You don’t take action
  • You are not consistent with your effort
  • You are impatient and expect immediate results
  • You don’t know how to use a computer
  • Technology freaks you out
  • You do not implement things you learn then complain that they “don’t work for you”
  • You want to keep resources, ideas or opportunities all to yourself
  • You don’t want to contribute to or participate in a community
  • You are jealous and disparaging of the success of your peers

Lifetime access to all class material (and future updates!)

Not only do you get lifetime access to this program, but to all future updates too!  Pretty sweet.

The social media landscape changes quickly and often.  That’s why we’ve made this program digital, so we can revise on the fly and keep your Twitter strategy on the cutting edge.

Exclusive Facebook Group

It’s a little ironic considering this a program about Twitter, but our private Facebook group is a fantastic place to interact with Emily, Keith and fellow Actors Tweet students.

The Facebook group is the place to ask questions, get help and feedback, and interact with a supportive community of like-minded actors.  It’s completely private, so if there’s something you need help with that you don’t want to tweet to the entire universe, this is the place for it!

But that’s not all

Knowing how to use Twitter is not enough.  You have to put your knowledge into practice.  We’re including all kinds of extra goodies to help you do just that.

Suh-weet Bonuses

Not only will you learn what to do to make twitter work for your acting success, you’ll also learn exactly how to do it.  Both Emily and Keith take you inside their personal twitter accounts to give you a step by step visual walk through so you know exactly what to do!

Bonus videos include:

Twitter Basics

If you’re brand new, twitter can be a very tough place to figure out.  Get a hands-on tutorial to set up your profile, understand the difference between an @mention a RT and an @reply.  If all this sounds like Greek to you, this video will give you the essential tools you need to understand twitter quickly.

Understanding “Tweetiquette”

Never put your foot in your mouth on twitter! Twitter comes with a set of unspoken but widely practiced behavior.  It’s very tough to figure this out on your own.  Don’t you worry, because we’ve got you covered.  We’ll get you up to speed so you can tweet your heart out with confidence.

Our Favorite Tools to Save You Time

Who wants to spend all day on twitter? Well, Keith might actually love that, but you, busy actor, don’t have to worry.  We’ll share our insider tips for getting the most out of twitter with these time-saving tools.

Creating Twitter Lists

How do you keep track of all your twitter followers?  Lists are a great way to keep your eye on specific people.  Plus, we even include some done-for-you twitter lists to help you find entertainment industry professionals like casting directors and agents.

All About Hashtags – The Magic Ingredient

This advanced strategy is for when you’re ready to bump it up a level (or 10).  We will teach you all about hashtags – what they are, how to use them, and why they work.  Add this “magic ingredient” to your twitter strategy to build your visibility and influence quickly.

Create Your Own Headlines

We’ll show you how to create your own digital newspaper to build your traffic, credibility and ability to share value with the twitter-verse.

Measure Your Influence

Take out the guesswork with some simple tools to help you see exactly what works in your twitter strategy.  So you can ditch the stuff that doesn’t work and do more of what does.

“What I Did”

This ongoing video series features real world examples of twitter strategies that worked.  We’ll break down exactly “What I did” so you can repeat the same steps for your own twitter strategy.

Regular “Tweet Chats”

In addition to the support of the facebook group, we also host regular tweet chats – a live twitter conversation where you can connect with Keith and Emily for ongoing support and guidance.

A Great Community Of Awesome People

The Actors Tweet Program is a powerful resource for all things twitter.  But the real value is from the community.  This is way more than just information.  It’s a community of supportive, like minded actors here to help each other.  From peer to peer connection, sharing resources, and supporting each others’ projects, Actors Tweet not only shows you how to create a community on twitter, but we actually provide a living breathing community who is doing just that.

Into it? Here’s what to do next…

Click the purchase button below to join Actors Tweet.

You will get immediate access to:

  • The 5-part video series
  • Our private members only website
  • All bonus material, done for your resources, and take-action-now checklists
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group
  • Instructions on how to connect with Emily and Keith for questions and feedback

Join Actors Tweet Today for $197

We are so excited to share this program with actors!  We’ve combined the best of both worlds – Emily’s knowledge of the delicate balance of building entertainment industry relationships, and Keith’s expertise in all things Twitter, from beginner to advanced tools.

Important Note about this program: We want to give you the tools you need to make twitter work for you.  This is a lifetime access program that adds new material on the fly.  It is your feedback and input that helps make this program great (and to meet your specific needs).  That is why we do not give refunds for this program.

To make these strategies work, you need to put them into action.  We expect your full participation, and if, for any reason, you feel this program is lacking in information, tell us and we will CREATE an additional class to add to this already powerful program.

What others say about Actors Tweet


Before Actors Tweet I definitely had some knowledge of Twitter.  After taking the program I’m feeling more excited about finding my voice and connecting with others.  My favorite part is how invested both Keith and Emily are in providing so much information and resources… Not to mention cool tips and tricks.

I would definitely recommend it because it helps demystify the Twitterverse and brings out the joy in connecting with others!

-Ari Rossen

I’ve only gotten through the first video…and I see the beginnings of a couple of relationships happening – not in a fb social kinda way, but where people are beginning to notice what I have to say, they are starting to comment &/or retweet me more often.

Even with only one video I have improved my Twitter strategy! I recommend this program to actors. So many don’t understand the importance of Twitter, let alone how to use it.  Plus I’m enjoying meeting everyone! That’s always a cool part of these & having a Facebook group to go with it!

-Robynn Fredericks




I am loving this program, Emily!!! I have learned so much already & see the difference in my Twitter outreach and follower base. It’s really been amazing and I appreciate what you & Keith have put together for us.

-Sarah  Bernard




 Before Actors Tweet I had a minimal understanding of Twitter.  Since taking the course, I feel less overwhelmed, and really love all the resources you guys shared.

It’s a quick and easy program that I recommend.

-Brian Chin



I feel like I have a real “starting point” with twitter.  Before Actors Tweet I saw people tweeting only about themselves (and not very useful info).

I like for my work to ‘speak’ for itself & it’s hard for me to ‘talk’ about ‘me.’ Now I understand that Twitter is about ‘sharing’ – by sharing others’ info & what’s up with them, hopefully they will share & thus ‘speak’ about my work & what I’m up to-a more comfortable way for me to promote!

I highly recommend this program!!! I found it sooooooooooooo helpful.

-Cynthia Dane


“Before this, I had a twitter account, but only tweeted once in a blue moon.  I’m so excited about all the new twitter tools and websites I had no idea about!

I have a much better idea of how to interact on Twitter.  Actors Tweet is a great intro to using Twitter for your career.”

-Caitlin Moreland



I’ve been on Twitter for years, but never really focused on it until now.

The program has really made me approach Twitter in a completely new and more thoughtful way.  I’m really only just starting, but I’ve been very impressed with what a little more effort and a few minutes a day on twitter can do.

The best part of the course is discussing similar interests with other members & I’ve always loved working with Emily… she is very attentive and down to Earth. I can’t express enough how great of a team Emily and Keith make… AND THEY MET ON TWITTER!!

-Andy Grosso

leaWhen I first began using twitter I was uncomfortable b/c I’m a big commenter on facebook. but twitter didn’t seem built for that – I was only posting links about cool events or interesting articles about the biz but I realize now that it is good to respond to other tweets in a twitter way.  Thanks to Actors Tweet I can target more specifically and engage more.

Even my actor friends that are on twitter aren’t using it to its full potential and this course shows you how. Being specific to an actors social media needs is key. There are more and more of these courses popping up but Keith and Emily bring fresh energy, humor and honesty to teaching this stuff.  The Grace/Keller combo works!

-Lea Gulino

Headshot - David Harper

Before Actors Tweet I knew of twitter … Had tweeted a little … was familiar with “Twittequette”… But that’s about it.
Rather than just tell me what needs to happen, this program gives me tools and a strategy for making those things happen. They are practical, immediately actionable items that anyone can do starting right now. Not just today, right now!
I would definitely recommend this course to actors. I think what we fail to realize is that when industry people use Twitter, they often (not always, but often) are using it because they want to build a community. They want to engage. It’s a great opportunity for actors to engage directly with the industry.
This is such a fantastic course because it lays a solid foundation, builds a workable strategy, then piles on advanced topics to use when you’re ready. Quite a value.  I think anything you add would be justified as an upgrade.
-David Harper

4fca9513a75f9 Before Actors Tweet, I thought Twitter was basically like Facebook (it’s not!)  This program has helped me see the networking possibilities in Twitter without all the personal and privacy concerns that one encounters when trying to network on Facebook.

My favorite part of the course is being able to discuss the videos and get advice in the Facebook group.

Every actor needs to be better at networking and marketing.  Since this course I went from not being on Twitter to getting new followers by the day.

-Jason Lugauskas


 This first course is a great start…Keith has so much information and is so wonderfully enthusiastic. Emily is great to break it down to usable pieces and focus more on the acting world. I got real feedback about problems I was having using Twitter.

-Elle Trapkin



I feel less intimidated by [Twitter] and am slowly beginning to understand how it can be a powerful marketing tool as well as a great way to connect with like minded individuals…I definitely would recommend this course to fellow actors. I am beginning to understand the value of being seen online, creating relationships, and even learning from other people’s tweets.

-Rose-Alma Lamoureux


I had minimal understanding of twitter before working with Emily. I understand now how it can used to help promote my company and engage with audiences. [My favorite part was] learning how it all works. I am going to be more deliberate, purposeful and frequent with my tweets.

-Nicholas Tabbarok

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